Abandoned, at least temporarily. Will post if I start a new writing project. Should be soon. (edited June 3rd, 2014)



       Elie is a high school girl, fed up with her dumb town and “peers.” School, for now, seems pointless, and she can’t wait to escape away to college. Then, a terrorist attack – a bioweapon – causes the town to be quarantined. Life carries on with surprisingly little change, but Elie and her friends decide to make a daring move: they take up offers sent in the mail, incentives to steal things from people’s homes. Why the offers are sent, they don’t know. But suddenly life in Stockton isn’t so bad…


Started October 12th, 2013

Visit About for more information on the story.

November 23rd – Major revisions done on the Prelude, including cutting it down to one chapter.

December 15th – Listed on Web Fiction Guide.

January 24th – Changed update schedule to once a week, because I started writing a Fanfiction in addition to this.

March 7th – Abandoned, at least temporarily, due to a myriad of deep-rooted in-story problems.


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Check out Worm and A Grey World, my main inspirations.


Email at flame7926@gmail.com


The Beginning

Latest Chapter


2 comments on “Home

  1. Axiomatic says:

    Okay, a suggestion: Your color scheme is terrible. It’s nearly impossible to even make out “Sometimes quarantine isn’t a bad thing” against the background.

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