Hello anyone still reading or watching for updates, sorry for the three week hiatus. Much too much going on in life, or at least that was my excuse. Mainly I needed a break, which I got, and I’m excited to write again. I wasn’t having fun, since I felt that much of the story, especially the plot and setting, were a mess. They still are, so that won’t change. I don’t think anything will actually, but I will finish this. It will hopefully be moderately entertaining. Not that its anywhere close to the end. I’ll have fun, hopefully, and hopefully you will too. So let’s resume this journey, tonight around 10 PM Eastern time.


11 comments on “Announcement!

  1. C. Coyote says:

    I can’t remember if I have commented here yet, but for the sake of concruity I would like to state that I really enjoy your writing.

  2. syphax1 says:

    Hey, you’re alive! This is good. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. It happens to everyone sometimes. Remember, it’s a learning experience. If you’re getting better, you’re never going to be satisfied with your past work because you are better now than you were when you wrote it. If you look back and are unsatisfied with your past work, it’s a good sign, because it means you’ve learned something from it.

    Also, salvaging a story fan be a really great writing exercise. Keep it up.

    • flame7926 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. It is mainly cause I haven’t really been planning ahead at all in terms of plot. I know where I’m going but not how ill get there at all.

      • When all else fails, think about what each of your characters (including, and especially behind-the-scenes players) would logically do next and just go. It’s not the best in the long run, but it buys time to plan and creates some plot threads.

        What I do, which seems to work well, is seeding foreshadowing. Put in totally random background details that you don’t even have to have an explanation for and then later you can use them to jumpstart the plot at a later point and people will think you planned it all along. It’s a neat little trick.

        • flame7926 says:

          Well I don’t have a problem writing, when I sit down to write it definitely comes out, but its random and somewhat directionless and meandering.

          • Yeah, the trick is to create a direct conflict. Whether it’s social, physical, whatever. You have potential for some good external conflict- police catching on, Right Man generally being shady and the moral conflict, some other group of competing thieves, etc., but you mostly have just internal conflict: fighting within the group. While that’s all well and good, you are right that it doesn’t really advance the plot.

        • Hmm…. Interesting…

        • agreyworld says:

          I do this a lot (well, a few times. Every time it’s happened it’s been this way). I’m only just working out how to weave some into the plot.

          If you don’t end up using it… just brush it under the carpet and hope no one notices!

          • agreyworld says:

            Also, lack of direction/plot has been one of the two big struggles I’ve had. Took me 200k words and nearly a year but I’ve got a plan now.

            Plow on! Glad to hear you’re still going, I was worried

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