The League of Prey is a web serial. It is currently on hiatus, perhaps permanently. It follows Elie, a teenage girl, who is miserable in her school and town, and longs for college as an escape. Little does she know that her small city is soon going to be the center of attention.

Disaster strikes one day, and nothing is ever the same. Nothing too monumental happened, but the town is still under quarantine. No outgoing communications are available, yet mail and news are received like normal. Somehow, life mostly manages to carry on as if nothing happened, but people loose some of their inhibitions. For a bored teenager looking for excitement, thrills are suddenly to be found everywhere, including in mysterious letters from the outside: contracts to thieve.


There is harsh language in the story, since that is how people think, and how they talk in real life. Life is not censored. As some of the characters are teenagers, exploring their sexuality, their will be sex, innuendos, and references, but no explicit sex, and it is not a major part of the story. The story will get progressively darker as it goes on, but will never get as dark or depressing as Worm is at times. The characters in this story simply are not that kind of people.


First recommendation is for Worm. It is completely amazing, and everyone should read it. An additional recommendation I have is for A Grey World, another online serial novel with a teenage female protagonist. I will try to limit how derivative I am of both of it and Worm, but hopefully what little that does manage to creep in to my work won’t be viewed as detrimental, and instead as an asset.

A third recommendation, besides A Grey World and Worm, is Ghost Touch. There are only a few chapters currently, but they are amazing. They suck you right in, and the premise seems outstanding, but enough is left in the dark that you have to keep reading.


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  1. eventoe says:

    Wow, thank you for the shout out, flame! I was wondering how I kept getting referrals from your site!

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